The Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney: A Comprehensive Guide

Criminal Defense Attorney

When a criminal case is filed in court, three parties are involved: the prosecution, the defendant, and the defense attorney. In the lifecycle of a criminal case, the prosecution’s job is to prove a case against the defendant. The defense attorney will build a lawsuit against the trial and try to prove the defendant is non-guilty of the crime.

What is the law on drug possession in South Carolina?

drug possession law in South Carolina

In South Carolina, the punishment for having a controlled substance is a monetary fine, or it can even lead to incarceration. It all depends on your attorney and how well he represents you to help reduce the sentence and ensure you get justice. Here is all you must know about the law on drug possession in South Carolina.

What does a personal injury lawyer do?

A personal injury lawyer specializes in tort law, and he will help you get the necessary compensation in case you are a victim of an accident. When you hire a personal injury lawyer near Charleston, SC, you can be assured that you will get the necessary representation if you are a victim of a vehicular accident, slip and fall injury, or have suffered a grievous injury due to third-party negligence. Here is all that you need to know about personal injury suits and the support provided by personal injury lawyers.

Is first offense DUI a felony in South Carolina?

first offense DUI

In the state of South Carolina, a first offense DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is normally classified as a misdemeanor, instead of a felony. However, there are various situations in which a DUI on your first conviction might turn into a felony DUI in South Carolina.

How does domestic violence work in SC?

Domestic Violence Defense Attorney

For help and advice, victims must consult a neighborhood police department, speak with a domestic violence defense attorney, or call the domestic violence hotline. Moreover, counseling and therapy may assist sufferers get over the suffering of domestic violence and reclaim their lives.

What does a Criminal Lawyer do?

What does a Criminal Lawyer do?

Criminal attorneys deal with a variety of cases, such as those involving domestic violence, sexual assault, theft, drug possession, and driving while ineligible. They also handle fraud, money laundering, corruption, and other related cases.